Proven to be the most optimal frequency for building muscle definition, tone & define with EMS Training Gear at 20 Hz!

2 Sneaky but Effective Devices that Can Maximize Your Workout to Burn More Calories

Losing weight, keeping the fat off and toning your body takes a whole lot more than just working out. It’s common knowledge to keep your muscles guessing to maintain your physique, introducing it to new exercises or increasing the intensity of your workout by lifting heavier and sprinting faster. This way, you avoid a fitness plateau and keep the fat off.

However, did you know that there are ways you can maximize your workout without having to put in too much additional effort? One common but useful way includes using fitness gear. Simply strapping on some state-of-the-art workout gear that has been developed specifically to enhance performance could help you shed more fat and train your muscles more.

Luckily, our team has narrowed down 2 sneaky but highly effective fitness tools that can enhance fat burn for users to see faster results – namely, SIXPAD Abs Fit and SIXPAD Body Fit.

Read on to discover more about how you can obtain your dream body now!

Some Background about SIXPAD

Created with CMM Pulse as its core technology, SIXPAD features wearable training gear to provide effective and efficient daily muscle training. CMM Pulse was engineered by MTG – SIXPAD‘s parent company collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo’s (CR) training theory and Emeritus Professor Toshio Moritani’s expertise in EMS training.

Professor Moritani discovered that EMS caused muscles to contract involuntarily and could be used to train and enhance performance. Upon further research he found that 20 Hz was the most optimal frequency for muscle training. This allowed prolonged muscle stimulation as compared to falling stimulation levels when higher frequencies were used. Combining this with CR’s exercise regime of combining training with conditioning gave rise to the birth of SIXPAD’s CMM Pulse.

Convenient, futuristic and easy-to-use, SIXPAD’s fitness tools have revolutionized the way people workout. Learn about 2 of our favourites and how they can help you maximize your workout.



The SIXPAD Abs Fit aims to give the core and abdominal muscles an intense training session. With both warm-up and cooldown exercises included the Abs Fit can be strapped on to give users a complete workout, anywhere, anytime.

Here’s an idea: try strapping on the Abs Fit after your next workout! This helps to further enhance your workout, keeping your core muscles in check! This way, those six-pack abs can be yours in no time!



Unlike the Abs Fit, the SIXPAD Body Fit is more versatile. It can be used anywhere on the body for an effective and quick workout. This device was created to target problematic areas on the body which are difficult to train like the waist, arms and thighs.

Like the Abs Fit, the Body Fit is thin, cordless and light. It is only 3 mm thin and extremely malleable to fit snuggly on the contours and curves of your body.

If you have been struggling with flabby arms and thunder thighs, then simply put the device on during your regular workouts. Soon, you’ll see a huge change in your physique!