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5 Creative Ways to Stay in Shape While Travelling

For many, a week’s trip to the Bahamas gives you a free pass to seven cheat days.

On the other hand, your fitness journey shouldn’t be put on hold just because you are on holiday. In fact, there are several ways you could stay in shape while travelling. We will share 5 minor adjustments to make to ensure you fit and maintain your figure as you trot around the globe.

But don’t worry, none of these tips are too extreme or drastic. These are just tiny alterations you can make to your travel itinerary to burn more calories, shed more fat, and keep your body active.


1. Stretch Your Body

Firstly, schedule a few minutes every night after a long day on the road to stretch your body – particularly your legs, hips and back – as these areas might get tensed during your trip. Setting aside time to stretch your body keeps your muscle health in check and also helps you relieve tension so that your body feels reenergized and revitalized in time for another day of travel.

In addition, some simple stretches could also help increase your flexibility and enable you to extend your range of motion and enhance performance to make the most out of your workouts during your trip and in the future.


2. Try to Incorporate more Walking

Secondly, skip tour buses and taxis. Do you really need to take a cab from your hotel in Bangkok to Platinum mall? Probably not – unless you are staying along the remote outskirts of Bangkok.

Try to use public transport and incorporate more walking. Also, avoid elevators and take the stairs instead. This way, you could get your heart pumping and give your lower body some light training.

Furthermore, including more walking in your itinerary also means that you can skip traffic jams and also experience life like the locals. Like killing two birds with one stone, you can discover local livelihood and also shed some calories.


3. Eat Wholesome Foods

Third, try, as much as possible, to eat wholesome foods.

Try to avoid overindulging in unhealthy street foods or local delights. Also, refrain from drinking too much sugary drinks that are high in trans fats and calories. If you have to satiate your hunger and satisfy your curiosity, share them in a group so that you can experience the bold and exotic flavours without compromising your diet.

One way you could curb impulsive snacking would be to hydrate regularly so that your stomach always feels full.


4. Schedule a Hike

Fourth, schedule a hike to get up close and personal with mother nature but also get your heart rate up and leg muscles working with a hike. Enjoy the fresh air and also discover the natural beauties!

Choose hikes with great views or attractions like waterfalls – this gives you more motivation to embark on the hike!


5. Workout at Your Accommodation

Finally, you could also workout at your accommodation by doing some simple fitness moves. This could range from simple exercises like crunches, push-ups and planks!

If you want to enhance the effectiveness of your workout, then you might want to consider incorporating some fitness gear. The best fitness gear should enhance your performance and keep you in shape without increasing the intensity of your workout as you travel.

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