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5 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Always Stretch Before a Workout

If you ever lacked energy or felt sore during a workout, then it might be because you failed to warm up effectively.

Contrary to naysayers who avoid warming up altogether, doing a proper warm-up with light stretches could actually make your workout much more effective! In fact, incorporating some simple light stretches could make the biggest difference for your workout.

Sadly, however, some people tend to avoid stretching altogether. Whereas stretching may be relatively monotonous to intense cardio exercises, it is important to include light stretching in your daily workout routine to show your body some tender loving care. In the long term, you could enhance your performance and have a better overall workout.

Still not convinced? Read on to learn why you absolutely need to stretch before your workout.

1. Loosen Muscles

First and foremost, stretching helps to relieve tension so that your body feels more agile and mobile. Stretching also helps to release the toxins and tightness that have been accumulated in your muscles and cardiovascular system. It gets your body ready and prepared for a fun and effective workout. Over time, you will come to realize that you feel more motivated and inspired to get active after doing some simple pre-workout stretches!

2. Improve Range of Motion

Secondly, in loosening your muscles, you can improve your range of motion so that you can improve and heighten your range of motion so that you can enhance the effectiveness of your regular workouts. By stretching regularly, you will find yourself getting more agile during your workout. You’ll be able to sprint faster, reach further, and lift heavier!

3. Improve Flexibility

Third, stretching helps to improve flexibility. Getting flexible could enhance your performance as stretching strengthens and lengthens your muscles. Gradually, you would find that your daily workouts get easier when you incorporate some stretching exercises before your workout because your joints will require less energy to perform your exercises.

4. Reduce Risks of Injury

Fourth, incorporating some simple stretches into your workout could also reduce your risks of injury. By getting rid of tension and tightness in your body, you reduce the risks of cramping up during a swim. More importantly, stretching also helps prevent chronic pain in the long term. It boosts recovery and helps you feel ready for your workout.

Quick tip: be sure to do some light cardio exercises to get body warmed up. This could range from a light 5 minute jog or even a couple of jumping jacks. This way, you can further reduce the risks of injury.

5. Improve Posture

Finally, doing some light stretching before your workout is also beneficial for your back muscles as it improves your posture. By stretching regularly, you could look taller and more confident. Also, you reduce your risks of developing chronic back pain and neck tightness.

All in all, pre-workout stretches could make the biggest difference in your fitness journey. Start stretching now!