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8 Delicious Foods that Boost Muscle Growth and Recovery

When you’re working out it’s important to refuel your body with the right foods that can improve your muscle growth and boost your recovery so that you can be fresh and ready for your next workout.

Maintaining a lean and sculpted body takes more than just working out at the gym. It also takes your food intake into account. Thus, it is tantamount that you nourish your body with healthy and nutritious foods. Foods that are high in protein are excellent for enhancing your muscles and maintaining a lean physique.

Not sure which foods are great for muscle growth and recovery? We’ve selected 8 of the most delicious foods that are rich in protein.


1. Boiled Eggs

Ah, the humble egg. It’s small but is packed with flavour and protein. They are also extremely convenient to carry around. Feel free to pack this in your gym bag for a delicious post-workout snack.


2. Soba Noodles

This Japanese delicacy is full of flavour. Unbeknownst to many, Soba noodles contain more protein per serving than most grains in the market. This means that your favourite Japanese noodles are actually very effective at promoting muscle growth! Furthermore, they are also full of cholesterol-lowering fibre as well as magnesium that could help to control blood sugar.


3. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is loaded with fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, that could help to prevent cramps, restore glycogen and promote muscle growth. Furthermore, peanut butter contains high amounts of vitamin A, D and E. Very tasty and nutty, peanut butter is a tasty post-workout snack that boosts muscle repair.

Swap butter for peanut butter the next time you make a post-workout sandwich!