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Abs: Why you shouldn’t neglect them and 3 easy ways to strengthen your core

Besides looking ripped, training your abs and developing strong core muscles are fundamental for your overall health and physique. If you’ve been skipping your weekly abs workout, then this article might come as a real shocker to you. In this write-up, we’ll outline the importance of training and caring for your core muscles as well […]

10 Tasty and Nutritious Food Swaps you can make for a Healthier Diet

Sometimes eating healthily can be torturous especially when you must miss out on your favourite snacks and fast foods. It’s tiring to repress those cravings. Fortunately for you, we’ve developed a list of healthy swaps you can make to satisfy those cravings without the massive number of calories. A simple swap could change your lifestyle […]

5 Surprising Every Day Activities that Can Help You Build Muscle Strength

Who says you need the gym to exercise? Surprisingly, there are some every day activities that can help you build your muscular strength, get your heart rate up and get that blood circulating. Thankfully, these activities do not involve any complicated fitness move, activewear or fitness gear. In fact, you can do them anytime and […]

Workout Guide: 5 Ways to Overcome Your Workout Plateau

This workout guide will come in handy to every fitness junkie at some point in their fitness journey. If you find your weight loss progress coming to a steady and you are not getting the results you are used to seeing, you are not alone. In fitness, hitting a plateau is completely normal. This happens […]

5 Doable Ways to Stop Impulsive Eating and Unhealthy Cravings

Everyone loves a potato chip or two – but when snacking gets out of control, you’ll start to put on weight, your face gets puffier, and your complexion gets duller. Snacking is harmless if done in moderation. However, impulsive snacking and binging on unhealthy snacks could be detrimental to your health. Excessive snacking could lead […]

5 Critical Reasons Why Training Your Upper Body Can Help You Shed More Fat

If you really detest working out your upper body, you are not alone. Surprisingly, many women dislike training the upper body. Instead, they focus more on cardio, the legs and abs. Believe it or not – training your upper body could actually have numerous benefits. In fact, diligent training your upper body could improve your […]