Proven to be the most optimal frequency for building muscle definition, tone & define with EMS Training Gear at 20 Hz!

How to Handle Your Love Handles

Losing weight can be tough but toning your body can be even harder. Sometimes it seems as though there are certain areas that are just plain stubborn. Love handles, as they’re affectionately called, seem to love you more than you love them. They refuse to go away!


Cardio Is Not Enough

Working out faithfully every day, allows you to shed pounds in other areas without getting rid of those pesky love handles. Cardio alone is not enough when you are trying to concentrate on the lower body. Also, a standard ab workout does not target love handles as they are belong to an entirely different muscle group.

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The focus should be directed on increasing muscle mass, as muscles burn more calories than fat. Strength training can help build muscle. SIXPAD offers an easy solution to keeping muscles stimulated and working, even after you’ve finished your regular daily workout. This wearable training gear uses EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) to trigger steady muscle contractions.


How SIXPAD Works

Medically certified, this external stimulation occurs when you place SIXPAD gear directly over your motor nerves. The SIXPAD gear stimulates muscular contractions which are then maintained over a period of time at a rate of 20Hz. Studies show that this frequency produces the best results.

With just one push of the button, cordless SIXPAD gear automatically gives your muscles a full workout, complete with a warm-up and cool down. SIXPAD’s Body Fit is perfect for working the waistline muscles. This range was designed for flexible usage and can also help achieve the fabulous toned arms and legs you crave. Looking to work those abs? The SIXPAD Abs Fit range will do the trick!


Convenient to Wear

This revolutionary product has made intensive workout gear wearable and easily portable on a daily basis. It’s so thin and comfortable you can wear it under regular clothing and might even forget you have it on! Made with adherence to the highest safety standards, SIXPAD is easy to remove and shields the skin from irritation.

SIXPAD can be used even when you can’t find the time to hit the gym. With the flick of a switch, you can give your muscles a good workout anytime, anywhere. Isn’t it time you got a handle on your love handles?

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