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How Working Out Relieves Stress

With countless stressors and an endless list of tasks to complete on a daily basis, we find it hard to squeeze in time for exercise and wished for more hours in a day.

However, exercise is actually a great way to relieve all that stress.


Lowers Cortisol Levels and Boosts Endorphins

An increase in stress results in heightened levels of stress hormones known as cortisol.

Insufficient exercise then increases the impact cortisol places on our adrenals with some negative impacts including raised heart rate and extra fat around our waist and belly.

However, when we workout, our bodies are able to effectively regulate cortisol levels and elevate endorphin production to lower our resting heart rate and reduce that spare tire.


Learning to Slow Down and Breathe

Image by Pexels via burst

Does it seem that the stressors of modern life don’t allow you to slow down and smell the roses?

If that’s the case, then slower paced, mind-body workouts may be your ticket to stress release.

Studies from Harvard Medical School show that performing controlled breath work during workouts like pilates and yoga, lowers cortisol, bad cholesterol, and allows you to stop and simply be present.

Even just a few minutes each day has shown to have positive effects on stress levels.


Self Care

Have you ever been that person that claims that they are just too busy to workout? We’ve all done it at some point or another.

The truth is that exercising as an act of self-care when you’re stressed can be just what you need to feel better about your day.

Moving for as little as four minutes makes a difference and can boost your mood.

When it comes to exercising to reduce stress, ditch the all-or-nothing mentality. Just get moving!

You will thank yourself for making that move and your abs will too!