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Mental Health: Why it is Critical to Manage and 5 Simple Ways to Lift your Spirits

Caring for your physical health is easy – all you need to do is exercise regularly and have a balance diet.

However, caring for your mental health is of equal importance too.

In fact, Mental Health UK insists that mental health care is of utmost importance – as neglecting your mental health could have detrimental long and short-term effects on your physical health. In a nutshell, here is how neglecting your mental health could have an adverse effect on physical health:

  • Mental health affects your physical performance – choosing not to deal with stress could slow down your thought process and critical thinking abilities.
  • Anxiety could induce insomnia in the long term. Stress and anxiety also lower your metabolism rate and lead to impulsive food intake!
  • Depression could also affect your aesthetic appearance.

The importance of mental health care has been often ignored and disregarded until recently. Thankfully in Singapore, more and more efforts have been initialized to inform and educate the public about the importance of mental health.

With recent developments in mental health awareness, it is imperative to undertake healthy habits that ensure you strike a balance between stress and relaxation. Start early with these tips to ensure your stress and negativity are properly managed.


1. Leave Work at the Office

One key culprit of stress and depression is the absence of work-life balance. Adopt the habit of finishing all your work for the day at the office so that you can come home to family and respite for a good night’s rest to get you ready for the following day.


2. Pick up a Weekend Hobby

This gives you something to look forward to every week. Pick up a hobby like volunteering, kite flying, cooking and baking to keep your mind stimulated. Try out different hobbies until you find the one that excites you but also gives you the mental rest that you need.

Tip: Gather a group of friends and take up a hobby together. This could range from cycling, fishing, and gardening.


3. Vent in a Journal

Let’s face it, sometimes you really really need to get those emotions out of your system.

Adopting the habit of venting and writing out your feelings in a feelings journal to openly express yourself is a healthy way to acknowledge the pain you are going through. It is also a harmless way to sort out your thoughts and manage your emotions.

Try expressing your stress and sadness in the form of short poems or haikus. This challenges your mind to think creatively. Otherwise, try doodling and drawing as you listen to music. This helps you express your feelings. You might even discover hidden talents!


4. Seek Help and Support from Friends and Counsellors

When the burden becomes too heavy to bear, there is no shame in seeking help.

Confide in a trustworthy friend who can offer a listening ear and useful advice to help overcome the issues you are facing. Confiding and sharing secrets could also strength your friendship!

Alternatively, seek help from a professional counsellor. For counsellors are trained to listen and offer worthwhile advice, you can openly express your emotions and even find a solution to the issue at hand.


5. Exercise

Caring for your physical health has a beneficial effect on your mental health, too! According to Web MD, exercise triggers endorphins which is a type of hormone that is scientific proven to make you happy. Furthermore, completing a tough workout also gives you a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Try doing a workout that you look forward to. Some interesting workout options include rock-climbing, wakeboarding, surfing, Muay Thai and Pilates.