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The Ultimate Guide your Trainers Never Told You About to Get in Shape and Lose weight

Working out might seem easy – especially when all you need to do is endless squats and sessions on the treadmill right?


Working out involves both mental and physical efforts. There is more to working out then just purely exercising and following a routine that you don’t look forward to doing. In fact, choosing workouts that you really dislike is just like mental and physical torture. There’s no point subjecting yourself to a type of exercise that you dislike just because it’s ‘effective’.

Instead of looking for at-home Insanity HIIT workouts that you really really don’t want to do, keep reading this article for the ultimate workout guide to get you in shape.

Follow our beginner-friendly step-by-step workout guide below to find a workout that best suits your preferences and lifestyle. Not only will you enjoy yourself, you’ll be able to develop a more sustainable workout plan to maintain your figure and lose weight.

This guide does not teach you how to exercise. Instead, it guides you towards developing your own sustainable workout plan.


Step 1: Choose a workout you enjoy

Not everyone enjoys Insanity HIIT workouts or running long distances.

Try experimenting with different workouts. Go to gyms or studios with trial classes and try your hand at a new sport. It could range from rock-climbing, salsa dancing, badminton, Pilates, yoga, Zumba or barre!

Keep experimenting until you find a workout that you really enjoy. That way, you can have fun and shed fat at the same time. The best workouts should make you excited to get moving and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day.


Step 2: Schedule a Time to Exercise

While most health magazines might recommend working out in the morning, the truth is that not everyone is a morning person. Regardless of however effective working out in the morning might be, morning workouts might not be effective for you if you’re not a morning person.

Schedule a time daily to exercise. Choose a timing that is suitable for you – it will probably vary from person to person. Whether it’s in the morning, before lunch or after dinner, exercise at a time where you feel like you can fully commit and put in 100% of your effort.


Step 3: Gather Workout Buddies and Exercise Together

Sharing your passion and hobbies with friends is an easy way to keep your fitness on track. By working out with friends, you can set similar goals and progress together. There is strength in unity – so gather a group of friends to exercise together!


Step 4: Set aside a Rest-Day

Even if you really enjoy your workout, it is prudent to set aside a day purely for rest. Rest days allow your muscles to heal and rebuild. Resting also prevents injuries and protects your immune system.

Realistically, it’s difficult to exercise 7 days a week anyway. Thus, set aside at least one rest day per week to allow your body to heal.


Step 5: Set Realistic Goals

Sadly, it’s not possible to drop 20 kilograms in 1 day. Losing weight and bulking up takes time and discipline.

While it’s good to keep long-term goals in check, make sure they are actually realistic and achievable. Setting goals are beneficial for keeping you on track and motivated. For instance, aim to join a full marathon at the end of the year!

Try setting short-term goals too. For an example, aim to do at least 20 push-ups in 1 minute. Try to increase the number of push-ups per minute as you get stronger.