Proven to be the most optimal frequency for building muscle definition, tone & define with EMS Training Gear at 20 Hz!

The Latest Thigh Fat Reducing and Slimming Machines in Singapore

Thigh fats might be the most stubborn and difficult to burn off. Most should be able to relate – the thighs are the most difficult to slim down.

However, at SIXPAD, we’ve used the latest fat reducing and slimming technologies to develop workout machines that target thunder thighs and leg flab. Our workout gear has a fat reducing, flab tightening and slimming effect. It is designed to fit snuggly on any pair of legs – all while giving you quadriceps, adductor muscles and hamstrings an effective workout you can do under 30 minutes, anytime and anywhere.

Our Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS, for short) workout machines not only slim your thighs and reduce thigh fat, they also strengthen your legs, allowing you to gain more out of your workouts and exercises you love. This helps to reduce the risk of injury and muscle fatigue in the lower body, improving stamina.  With stronger legs, you’ll burn more calories during your cardio workouts and gain better control of your lower body muscles. Take your workouts to a new level with SIXPAD training gear today!

Why buy from SIXPAD

All our training gear and workout machines are beginner-friendly and extremely convenient to use. We use the technologies and developments from 40 years’ worth of research to come up with a revolutionary way to reduce thigh fat and work towards a better body and healthier life style.

Moreover, our researchers and developers are constantly improving and innovating to give better products in Singapore and beyond. We prioritize customer satisfaction and seek to educate all our clients to develop a healthier lifestyle.

How to contact us

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