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Workout Guide: 5 Ways to Overcome Your Workout Plateau

This workout guide will come in handy to every fitness junkie at some point in their fitness journey.

If you find your weight loss progress coming to a steady and you are not getting the results you are used to seeing, you are not alone.

In fitness, hitting a plateau is completely normal. This happens to people who are used to doing the same workout every day. In some cases, you stop seeing progress and changes in the number on the weighing scale because your body starts to get used to the workout and begins to adjust to the physical demands of your regular workout.

However, all hope is not lost. This workout guide will introduce 5 innovative ways you can intensify your workout without having to give up your favourite fitness activity.

Be prepared to sweat more, shed fat and get stronger with these 5 tips.


1. Incorporate Weights in Your Cardio

Firstly, you could try adding weights in your cardio exercises. Incorporating light weights into your regular cardio workouts could skyrocket your normal cardio workouts and boost your heart rate. In doing so, you could also shed more fat, burn more calories and also work more muscles.

Incorporating weights into your regular workout is easier than you think. Try wearing ankle weights in your next aerobics class or bringing light-weight dumbbells out for a run. This way, you’ll force your body to work harder to complete the workout.


2. Use EMS Technology

Second, you could make use of the latest Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to enhance your performance and burn more fat and lean out during your regular workout.

Developed by Emeritus Professor Toshio Moritani of Kyoto University, SIXPAD’s EMS fitness gear uses electric pulses at 20 Hz to induce muscle contractions. This means that electrical signals are used to directly stimulate muscles, inducing a ‘workout’ on which part you choose to strap the EMS gear on. Furthermore, you can use the EMS gear anytime, anywhere.

Here’s a tip: try strapping on SIXPAD’s abs fit the next time you are out for a run. This way, you can train both your cardio and core.


3. Workout at a Different Time of the Day

You’d be surprised but working out at different times of the day could force your body to shed more calories. This is because your body is not used to working out at that time of the day. Thus, your body will use more effort to complete the workout than usual.

For instance, try making a commitment to exercising in the morning even if you are not a morning person. In doing so, you are forcing your body to adjust – which takes effort and calories. Also, you will get a greater sense of accomplishment when you complete your workout.


4. Try Setting a New Daily or Short-term Goal

Fourth, committing to short-term or daily goals could force you to work harder during your workout. Committing to tiny goals and celebrating small victories could encourage us to run faster, lift heavier and work harder. Enough small victories could help you feel more accomplished and motivated.

For an example, try working towards running 10 km under an hour. Slowly try to reduce your timing by a minute each day. You’ll find that you will have to use more energy to quicken your pace.


5. Workout in a Different Setting

Finally, working out in a different setting could also give you an extra boost in your calorie-burning. By exercising in a different setting, you are forcing your body to adjust to the new surroundings. Moreover, you’ll also use different muscles to adjust to the new environment.

Try taking a run in the park instead of sweating it out on a treadmill. You’ll force your knees and heart to work harder to complete the distance and regulate your body temperature.