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4 Important tips to Bear in Mind when Shopping for Activewear

Believe it or not – your training gear can affect your performance in the gym.

Choosing the right activewear is extremely tantamount to making the most out of your gym session. In fact, your workout clothes have both a mental and physical impact on your performance. When you look good and feel good, your body and mind will be driven to go all out in your workouts. The right training gear will motivate you to push past physical limits to get fitter and stronger!

Even though the fitness industry is booming, and fitness fashion is becoming increasingly trendy, it is still imperative to prioritize quality training gear over fashionable fitness attire. Luckily for you, we’ve highlighted 4 tips to help you choose the best training gear for an effective workout.

1. When trying out new fitness gear: run, jump, squat and lunge

Whether you are trying out a new pair of yoga pants or tank top, MOVE.

Keep moving around and change your body shape to see how durable the material is. The best clothes for workouts should fit snuggly without constraining your body movement. In fact, they should be soft and stretchy enough for you to do any workout move in them.

This is especially critical for runners and yogis. The best running pants should support your hamstrings and calves and keep your whole body upright. Yogis, on the other hand, should opt for yoga leggings that provide a full range of motion for all levels of yoga.

2. Choose Workout Gear catered to Specific Sports and Exercises

Some gears are catered to specific types of workouts. Be sure to choose gear that is made specifically for your choice of workout to ensure that your active wear supports body movements without restricting it.

For instance, when choosing running shoes, opt for shoes that are lighter to run at top speed without being tied down by the weight of your shoes. However, if you are into cross country, choose shoes that are still light but cushioned to give your feet extra support for longer runs.

3. Check the Breathability of the Fabrics

No one likes workout clothes that trap body heat. This is especially so during hot seasons.

In fact, gym attire that restricts body heat can have an adverse effect on your physical health. Wearing gym attire with little breathability could cause skin irritation or even body rashes!

Thus, workouts with more cardio like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) require gym attire like dry-fit shirts that have sweat-wicking technology – this feature enables perspiration to evaporate quickly.

4. Select Gym Attire that makes You Look Good

While this is secondary to the aforementioned tips, looking good is also paramount for a productive workout session. When you look good, you feel more motivated to keep working out. In fact, Cassey Ho, creator of Blogilates, mentioned in an interview with Bustle that cute and chic workout gear is one of her greatest workout motivations!

Besides choosing gym attire that is fashionable and chic, try selecting activewear that accentuates key areas of your body that you are targeting at the gym.

For instance, pick stylish sleeveless tank tops if you are into body-building and heavyweights. Not only will they show off your big biceps, you’ll be able to track your fitness progress to recognize how much you’ve progressed over time!

The best activewear should make you feel unstoppable and ready for any obstacle that comes your way.