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2 Unexpected Changes Your Body Undergoes as You Age

You can run, but you can’t outrun the clock. Unfortunately, ageing is inevitable, and it is impossible to escape time. As you age, your body undergoes several changes – growth of white hair, development of wrinkles and you might also find yourself having less energy during the day. However, did you know that these signs […]

Fast-Twitch Vs Slow-Twitch Muscles: What’s the Difference? Find Out Now!

If you find yourself struggling to do push-ups and pull-ups despite being able to run 20 kilometres without stopping – the issue might lie in the makeup of your skeletal muscles. Our muscles are made up of two key muscle fibres – namely, fast-twitch (white muscle group) and slow-twitch muscles (red muscle group). These muscle […]

5 Risks of Exercise That Will Make You Reconsider Your Fitness Regime

We all know how important it is to incorporate exercise into your daily routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, did you know that without regular maintenance, you are actually putting your body at risk to numerous physical illnesses? Here are 5 of them.   1. Runner’s Knee First, as the name suggests, runner’s knee […]

4 Elementary Ways to Restore Balance to Your Life

If you’ve ever felt burned out and disillusioned from work, then your lifestyle probably lacks work-life balance. In the long run, the absence of work-life balance could diminish your cognitive abilities and take a physical toll on your body. Furthermore, a balanced lifestyle is a key essential for individuals to obtain a peace of mind […]

Is Working Out in the Morning the Most Optimal Timing to Burn Fat? Discover the Truth Now

If you have done enough research about the best exercises and fitness regimes to shed fat, then you might have come across this theory which states that the best time to work out and shed some fat is in the morning. There have been numerous debates about whether the morning is the most optimal timing […]

The Ultimate Guide your Trainers Never Told You About to Get in Shape and Lose weight

Working out might seem easy – especially when all you need to do is endless squats and sessions on the treadmill right? WRONG. Working out involves both mental and physical efforts. There is more to working out then just purely exercising and following a routine that you don’t look forward to doing. In fact, choosing […]

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