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5 Effortless Ways to Get Motivated Without Hiring a Personal Trainer

Getting that dream body you always wanted takes more than just exercise alone, it takes a lot of commitment, self-discipline and motivation to maintain a healthy workout routine. Some people even resolved to hire a personal trainer to get active because they can’t find the motivation to stick to their workout regime.

Personal trainers have been drilled to help their clients lean out their bodies, shed fat and burn calories to whip them into shape. They are trained to motivate and encourage their clients to give their best in their workout.

Believe it or not – with a little faith in your own capabilities, an open mind, as well as a lot of discipline, you could actually get into shape without hiring a personal trainer!  We will share some effortless ways you can incorporate exercise without having to hire a personal trainer or undertaking a gym membership. Best of all, they are all low-cost, convenient, and adjustable based on your lifestyle and your long-term goals for your body.

Ironically, finding the motivation is one of the biggest roadblocks in most fitness journeys. However, this article will share some insight into how you can construct your own sustainable workout routine.

Read on to learn more!


1. Pick a Workout that You Enjoy

First and foremost, it is imperative that you choose a workout that you enjoy doing and look forward to. The best workouts should make you feel unstoppable. It should also get your heart rate pumping and your muscles working but also make you feel satisfied and accomplished.

Try experimenting with a variety of workouts until you find the one that you look forward to doing every day. The best exercises should keep you healthy AND happy.

In addition, when you enjoy your workout, you are also more motivated to do your best – which could be beneficial for your body and fitness goals.


2. Find Workout Buddies

Sometimes, finding the motivation to workout involves getting acquainted with like-minded individuals who share similar interests. Surround yourself with optimistic and motivated people who uplift your spirits and make you feel inspired to get into shape.


3. Change Your Workout

Next, try changing your workout from time to time.

If you continue doing the same workout every day, at the same time of the day, with the same amount of intensity, your fitness progress could eventually plateau. This is due to the fact that your body will gradually use fewer calories to complete the workout.

Every month or so, try doing a different workout. This keeps your body and mind curious and active.


4. Don’t Ignore Strength-Building

“If I am trying to lose weight, I do not need to lift weights, right?”

This is a common misconception that we will debunk now. The truth is – you DO need to incorporate strength-building exercises in your routine so that you get a leaner body and keep the fat off – as muscles require more calories to maintain in comparison to fat. In addition, muscles could actually help you burn fat even at rest!

If you are totally new to fitness, don’t be daunted by the weight-lifting equipment at the gym. Start small and slowly train your upper body strength.

Try doing a couple of push-ups after some cardio – it’s as simple as that!


5. Set Aside Time for Rest

Even personal trainers would encourage their clients to have at least one rest day – so schedule in a rest day for your muscles to recover. In doing so, you could feel fresher and readier for your next workout.


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