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7 Crimes You Are Committing Daily That Are Actually Harming Your Body

If you’ve been wondering why you always feel lethargic before lunch, you’re probably committing one of the 7 crimes we are about to list.

Believe it or not, small habits in the way we eat, walk and even sit could have adverse effects on our physical health! Here are 7 of them and how you can avoid harming your body unknowingly.


1. You don’t get enough sleep

The saying that “Sleep is for the Weak” is just a myth because getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night could make you cranky and grumpy. Sleep is key in ensuring that you have time to recharge before the day begins again. Without adequate rest, our immune systems get weaker and we will be more prone to falling ill.

Thus, try to clock in at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Take naps during the day if you feel like you need more rest.


2. You slouch at your desk

All white-collar workers – listen up. Poor posture could result in chronic lower and upper back pains and spinal issues. Sitting incorrectly at your office chair could also cause you to put unnecessary pressure on your lower back. In the long term, poor posture could cause lead to chronic back pains.

Invest in a support cushion to support your back or a chair which supports your spinal curve. Also, do back stretches daily to release the tension from your spine.

In addition, try going for regular back massages to release the tension.


3. You Skip Meals

If you feel abdominal pain and light-headedness during the day, it might be because you’ve been skipping your meals. While skipping meals might help lose weight in the short term, it has dire long-term consequences. You put yourself at risk of gastric pain by skipping meals too! By skipping meals, the stomach acid is not neutralized – thus the gastric juices would irritate the stomach lining and cause abdominal pain.

Try and adopt healthy snacking habits and munch on healthy foods like fruits in between meals. Also, avoid taking drinks that are highly acidic – eg. Lime juice or Orange juice.


4. You don’t drink enough Water

Never underestimate the importance of drinking enough water. Insufficient water intake could lead to a variety of health problems – including fatigue, low energy levels, muscle cramps and constipation. Furthermore, insufficient intake of water could result in poor mental focus and physical performance. It will also make your skin appear duller and pastier.

Make a conscious effort to finish at least one cup of water every hour.


5. You don’t manage your stress

If you find yourself getting pimples and breakouts during taxing periods, it might probably be a result of getting too stressed out at work. Stress can lead to a variety of physical issues – including insomnia, fatigue and could even weaken your immune system.

Try exercising after a stressful day to release the physical and mental tension. Choose a workout that you enjoy like jogging, Zumba or swimming.

Alternatively, try venting it out in a journal.


6. You wear heels all day

Wearing high heels for prolonged periods of time is not beneficial for your body. Wearing heels that are too high could cause your calve muscles to become tight and knee joints to get fatigued. Moreover, high heels could also lead to inflammation in the body caused by tension.

If you must wear heels, trying wearing heels that have lower arches and more support. Otherwise, wear your heels only to big events and meetings but walk to work in comfortable sports shoes that give you the support you need.


7. You wear clothes that are too tight for you

Sure, you can save a couple of bucks when you wear an old pair of jeans – but they could actually have dire consequences on your health. For one, clothes that are too tight could disrupt blood flow and cause you to feel fatigued and tired. Moreover, wearing tight clothes for prolonged periods of time could lead to the development of cellulite and cause your skin to age prematurely.

Toss out old clothes that are too tight for you. Invest in clothes that fit snuggly without making you feel suffocated.

Alternatively, try shedding some weight so that you can lean out and fit into those old clothes again.