Proven to be the most optimal frequency for building muscle definition, tone & define with EMS Training Gear at 20 Hz!

Remove Armpit Fat and Flabby Arms with the Latest Muscle Toning Gear in Singapore

Have you always wanted lean and strong arms like Heidi Klum but struggle with armpit fat and flabby arms? SIXPAD might have the solution to get you those strong and lean arms – SIXPAD Body Fit for the Arms.

Developed to fit differing body contours, this training gear features an adjustable belt to fit snuggly on the arms to enhance muscle strength and definition. Convenient, wearable, and rechargeable, our workout equipment promotes muscle contraction, fat burn, and armpit fat removal to give you slimmer and leaner arms.

Our training gear uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to promote muscle contraction at a frequency of 20 Hz – the most optimal frequency for efficient, prolonged muscle contraction, guaranteeing effective results. Enhanced with state-of-the-art “CMM Pulse” Core Technology, trademarked by SIXPAD, our training gear promises fast and efficient results in 23 minutes.

Since opening our doors to Singapore, SIXPAD has garnered countless positive reviews from contented customers and clients. Our customers are always pleased with the effectiveness and usability of our products!

With over 40 years of research in fitness and technology, we’ve used the most advanced technological developments to bring you futuristic armpit fat removal solutions and arm training gear that is not only convenient, but also effective.

Use our fat-burning training gear for sleeker and toner arms and remove arm flab and armpit fat all with the push of a button. Transform your body with SIXPAD today.

Why choose SIXPAD?

Google any of our products and you’ll meet with hundreds of positive reviews which praise our products for their quick results and comfortable use. Our award-winning products guarantee success and results.

We also remain devoted to providing premium and superior fat-burning training gear for all customers. Rest assured that all our products are 100% safe to use.

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