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Arm Strong – Different muscles to work on for bigger arms

Strong, defined arms are considered a badge of peak fitness. Whether they belong to bodybuilders or competitive athletes, these muscles represent hours of hard work in the gym, and they are a symbol of dedication and discipline.

We’re about to give you the break down of the major arm muscles, and how to train them, so that you can show off sculpted, strong arms all summer long.



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Like its name suggests, the biceps group consists of two separate muscles that are in charge of flexing or curling the arm. (Think, “Arnold”.)

These two muscles are the biceps brachii short which is on the inside of the arm and the biceps brachii long which is on the outside of the arm.

The biceps work together with the upper back muscles during pulling motions, such as rowing. So if you want to target them and create an amazing rear view, try close-grip pull-ups, EZ bar curls, and decline curls to spark growth.

While it may be tempting to get stuck in the same old routine of curls, curls, curls, drop sets involving a set to failure, followed by another lighter set to failure, and so on can really help you take your biceps to the next level.

Many bicep exercises, such as hammer curls, also work the forearms, but if you’d like some extra definition in that area, then don’t forget those trusted grip exercisers.



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Once again, just as its name hints, the triceps muscle group is made of three separate muscle heads.

The lateral head is the muscle located on the outside of the arm, and when it’s defined, it creates a sculpted horseshoe shape. Overhand grip exercises are the best for targeting this muscle – for example, bench dips and overhead presses, to name a few.

Working the long head tricep muscle requires the use of overhead triceps extensions, skull crushers, and cable stations. This muscle ties into both the deltoids and forearms, so it needs to be very well defined in order to provide overall symmetry.

The medial head tricep muscle is best activated by performing exercises with the elbows close to the sides, such as tricep pushups and those that require an underhand grip. It is the tricep muscle that needs to be defined in order to avoid a batwing look.

Sculpting your arms isn’t rocket science, and by making some simple tweaks to the exercises in your arm workouts, you can lift your way to more sculpted, stronger arms.

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