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Thigh Muscles Explained and A New Way to Get Longer and Leaner Legs

The thigh muscles are probably the easiest to train – a light jog or a set of simple squats could easily get your thigh muscles toned and lean. Sexy legs have always been the in thing. Many celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Blake Lively are envied for their long and sleek legs that go on for miles.

However, have you ever wondered what your thigh muscles are made of?

Unbeknownst to many, the upper leg muscles are made up of 3 main components – the hamstrings, quadriceps (or quads) and adductors.

Knowledge is power and being aware of the types of muscles which exists in your thighs can improve your bodily awareness. It can also help you workout more mindfully and effectively, so you can get those Kendall Jenner legs you always wanted. You can feel and look better with stronger muscles and a better sense of body awareness.

In this article, we will explain the different muscles in your upper leg in a beginner-friendly fashion. Read till the end for an easy way to get slimmer thighs.


1. Hamstrings

Your hamstrings consist of three smaller muscles which are located at the back of your knee – namely, the semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and biceps femoris. Your hamstring health is an indication of how flexible your legs are. Many cross-country runners and ballet dancers allocate extensive amounts of time to stretch their hamstrings so that they can run faster, reach farther and perform better.

Hamstring health is vital for overall health as they help power you through daily activities like walking, climbing and running.

Furthermore, training your hamstrings can improve your flexibility and also get more lifted and sculpted gluteal muscles (butt muscles).


2. Quadriceps

Next, your quadriceps are located at the front off your thigh. They comprise of 4 types of smaller muscles called vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius, and the rectus femoris.

Your quadriceps are tantamount to basic leg exercises like squatting, jumping and walking. Strong quadriceps can propel you forward and make you jump higher with regular training. However, they are very liable to injury and strain. Sore quadriceps are often the cause of leg soreness and fatigue. They also take longer to recover in comparison to other muscles in the legs.

Many runners and gymgoers experience sore legs because they overwork their quadricep muscles. That’s why most active people detest legs days the most!


3. Adductor

The fan-like adductor longus muscles are located in the upper thigh and hip. They include gracilis muscle, adductor longus, adductor magnus, pectineus and adductor brevis. For starters, these muscles are responsible for any movement from the hip to the rest of your leg. They assist rotation and flexion at your hip and knee muscles. These muscles stabilize the groin and hop muscles during your workout and while you are at rest.

However, these muscles are prone to injury – especially for deskbound workers who do not allocate enough time and effort to stretch the adductor muscles. Without daily adductor stretches, many deskbound workers could feel tightness in the hips and strains in their lower backs.

With the complexity of thigh muscles, it is difficult to tone them whilst preserving their health. Sadly, few pay attention to recovery when it comes to the thigh muscles.

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The Body Fit can be strapped on the inner or outer thighs and can be worn during a light jog or even while you are grocery shopping. Designed to be worn anywhere and anytime, this versatile EMS training gear is an excellent gadget to get slim thighs.

Fortunately, this tool includes both a warm-up and cool-down workout that is geared towards relieving pain and alleviating soreness using EMS!