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Top 10 Workout Tips to Make Staying in Shape Easy

It’s true, there are no shortcuts to getting in shape. However, using the right tools and understanding fundamental fitness guidelines can help simplify your fitness regime while amplifying its effects.

We’ve compiled the top 10 workout tips that will help you get and stay in shape.

Know Your RPE

Rate of Perceived Exertion or RPE is a simple method to help deduce the intensity of your workout. A basic RPE scale ranges from 1-10, with 1 signifying basic exercises with low exertion and 10 as activity maximum effort.

Eat a Pre-Workout Meal

Pasta and steak probably isn’t the best choice for a pre-workout meal. Instead, a light meal with complex carbohydrates and lean protein is ideal pre-workout fuel as these nutrients will supply you with energy and help to rebuild muscle tissue.

Change It Up

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Having a plan is great, just be sure to change up the format, exercises, and style of your workouts from time to time. For example, if you like to lift heavy, try a bodyweight workout that includes plyometrics for a change. You’ll be amazed at how well you’ll maintain your results.

Use a Variety of Equipment

Using varied pieces of equipment, whether resistance bands, free weights, cables, TRX or EMS workout gear like SIXPAD not only help to break workout boredom but also provide continued progress instead of digressing away from your desired results.

Drink Water

50 – 60% of our body is made of water to help keep us hydrated and flush waste from our system to prevent toxin build-up or muscle cramps while exercising.

Remember! Drink several glasses before and after a workout.

Take Your Workouts with You

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The best exercise routines are the ones you enjoy and convenient to execute anywhere. Plan go-to workouts that require minimal equipment while travelling or on vacation to encourage yourself to stay active.

Remember to Warm Up

Warming up is important as it jumpstarts your body with gentle stretches and activates muscles for greater stimulation during the rest of your workout. This usually means doing light exercise or using a lighter resistance.

Stretch and Relax

Cooling down after a workout involves gradually slowing your movement to prevent blood pooling in your hands and feet. Stretching is an effective technique to cool down as it improves circulation and joint range of motion.

Train Smarter Not Longer

If you aim to improve your fitness and develop lean muscle, remember that the higher your workout intensity, the shorter it needs to be, especially if you’re working out at near maximum intensity.

Tabata workouts are a great example because of their short bursts of high intensity followed by even shorter rests.

Take a Day Off

Taking one or two rest days each week allows your body to properly recover from the overloads of cardio and resistance training.

If you like to remain active on your rest days, take a stroll or do some gentle stretching. Alternatively, SIXPAD workout gear allows muscle stimulation anytime, anywhere to heighten your workout efficiency

This way, you can create and maintain a routine overtime without burning out.