Proven to be the most optimal frequency for building muscle definition, tone & define with EMS Training Gear at 20 Hz!

Reduce your Waistline with our Fat Reduction Gear in Singapore

If you’ve always wanted a slim and small waistline like Superstar Jennifer Lopez or Model Tyra Banks, SIXPAD has the training gear to reduce your waistline. Available for purchase and local delivery in Singapore, our products promote stronger abdominal muscles and boost your metabolism rate. With regular use, our workout equipment will transform your body and waistline in ways you can’t imagine.

At SIXPAD, we pride our products based on our unique “CMM Pulse” Core Technology. Our training gear uses an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) frequency of 20 Hz to induce muscle contractions and enhance performance. It gives you a full core workout under 30 minutes. The workout brings you through a series of warm up and cool down exercises for a full workout that you can do anytime, anywhere. Our fitness machine is geared towards toning the waistline while also strengthening the core muscles at your body’s midsection. With muscle building, fat reduction and a complete transformation, SIXPAD’s line of fitness gear will revolutionize the way you work out and train your waistline.

Quick, convenient and portable, our waistline workout gear transforms fats into muscles and sculpts the best version of your body.

Transform your body, reduce fat and slim your waistline with SIXPAD’s fitness gear today.


Why choose SIXPAD products?

40 years of research and development in technology and fitness has provided a comprehensive understanding of the body and fitness to craft state-of-the-art and futuristic fitness gear that will revolutionize the way your workout and transform your body.

Moreover, our team at SIXPAD are committed to providing easy and convenient ways to unveil a slim waistline. We believe that our fitness gear could help our users adopt healthier habits and practices that can help you live life to the fullest.


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